Will Drinking Coffee make you live longer? & Instant or Ground Coffee the best?

A new study has found drinking coffee makes you live longer, with a positive effect on the brain, liver, heart and other areas of your body.

The study revealed in the Internal Medicine journal reveals that people who drink more coffee have a lower risk of death even if they drink 8 or more cups a day. 

The study was conducted in the UK with over half a million people taking part.  Of the half million, 387k were coffee drinkers and the results suggested that the non-coffee drinkers were more likely to die. Those that drank between 2 and 5 cups were 12% less likely to die and those who drank 6 to 7 cups were 16% less likely.

It also didn't matter whether the coffee was decaf, ground or instant - all had  a positive result, although the study did say those that drank filtered coffee or coffee from a coffee machine had better results compared to instant coffee.  So better stock up on the Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo Pods!

This recent study obtained data from Biobank, A UK research company who collected data from 50,0000 people for 30 years.  The group consisted of 46% males and 54% female and the average age was 56.  About 10 years into the study, 14k people had passed away, the results from the study showed the coffee drinkers and a lower risk of death overall, similar to other studies have found in the past.

Some people have slow metabolism, and it was initially thought that these drinkers could be in danger of drinking coffee but the study shows that even slow caffeine metabolises seem to share the risk of death reduction connect to drinking coffee.

As with all studies like this in which researchers observe a group of people over time, the results can't prove that coffee is the cause of the reduced risk of death. It can just say that people who drink coffee are less likely to die early.

But the findings are very encouraging, not only was this a very large study that demonstrated significant findings, it's one of many studies that indicate coffee may be beneficial for overall health.  More research is sure to be carried out.

coffee drinkers reduce death

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