Nespresso will recycle its single use coffee pods to help the environment from the plastic crisis

  • About 20% of the UK own a single-use coffee machine dispenser, but this new craze is is posing an environmental hazard. There are enough coffee pods in landfill sites to go around the world twice.
  • In addition to needing to be recycled in a very specific way, some coffee pods contain plastic that is difficult to break down and takes 1000's of years to do so.
  • Nespresso is one of the two leading single-use coffee manufacturers in the world, Dolce Gusto is the other. Nespresso has now developed a recycling facility for its coffee pods to contain the problem

Nespresso say they have developed this new recycling program because they say "we have a coffee pod recycling problem" which is very good of them to admit this in the present climate.  Most of the plastic produced in the world is created by around 10 large multinational companies, around 80%.

Single-use coffee pod machines are becoming increasingly popular. About 20% of Europeans own one and the market is growing year by year.

Single-use coffee pod sales increased to almost 4.5 billion in 2017 in the U.S alone, but those plastic pods are not easy to recycle. The pods container plastic which is mixed with coffee grounds which cannot be reprocessed using conventional methods. They have to be recycled in specialist recycling plants.

Nespresso capsules are made of aluminium and they need to broken down in a very specific way and the company have teamed up with AG Choice who have developed technology to separate the aluminium tops, the plastic and the coffee. The emptied pods are baled and melted and the grounds are baked and sent to composting.

After you have you used the Nespresso pods, it is required that you collect them and send them off in bulk to Nespresso free of charge! 

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