How to Save money when buying Coffee Pods

So running a coffee machine can be expensive right? Well you can save a few quid if you look around for discounts, bulk buy or buy re-usable coffee pods.

Bulk buying the pods is your first port of call if you don't want to mess around with the re-usable pods.  For example, you can buy 64 Dolce Gusto pods for around £18. This will go very nicely with our Dolce Gusto Pod holders.  The Tassimo pods come in a bit cheaper at around £18 for 80 drinks and Nespresso even cheaper, 100 drinks for £20 so there are savings to be made compared to buying the smaller packets that you will find in some supermarkets.  Its worth looking around online and seeing what can be found.

The next option is buy non-branded coffee pods. Amazon offer 48 servings of Nescafe Dolce Gusto pods for a tenner.  Its about trial and error, some brands you will like and some will not be up to your standard.

Lastly you can save money by getting some re-usable pods. They are a bit fiddly and you constantly have to fill them up (obviously) but savings can be made and the advantage of the re-usable pods are that you can choose your preferred blend or even mix various blends to find your perfect coffee. 

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