Nespresso Eco Friendly Coffee Pods have arrived! Percol Organic Ethiopia Espresso Plant Based Pods

Percol Organic Ethiopia Espresso in plant-based capsules, £3.92 for 10 pods from

One of the first compo-stable capsules, they are made from plant based plastic’ derived from sugar beet and sugar cane so fully recyclable for the Nespresso Coffee pod machine.

They’re certified to EC/EU standards that say the used pods can be tossed into your food recycling bin and will break down in as little as 12 weeks.

The coffee  is organic, and made from Ethiopian Sidamo beans which grow slowly, giving them time to absorb nutrients and develop a robust flavour.

Taste test: Made to be drunk as a short shot, this created an excellent ‘crema’ on the top the head of creamy bubbles you find on a good espresso. It has a light, almost floral, flavour.

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