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  • New Product Launches - Nespresso and Dolce Gusto Matte Black

    We are very excited to introduce 2 new items this week.  We have the Nespresso matte black coffee pod holder and the Dolce Gusto matte black coffee...
  • The Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 coffee machine is now under £50 - TAS1402GB

    You can spend an a huge amount of money on a coffee pod machine. Some of the top of the range models are £1000's.  You can also spend £50 and still get a fantastic coffee making machine and produce great coffee time after time. 
  • Which coffee pod capsule brands are the most eco friendly?

    Keen on a pod coffee machine but concerned about the environment? Nespresso and Lavazza offer the best eco-friendly pod.
  • Nespresso Eco Friendly Coffee Pods have arrived! Percol Organic Ethiopia Espresso Plant Based Pods

    Percol Organic Ethiopia Espresso in plant-based capsules, £3.92 for 10 pods from One of the first compo-stable capsules, they are made from plant based plastic’ derived from sugar beet and sugar cane so fully recyclable for the Nespresso Coffee pod machine
  • Will Drinking Coffee make you live longer? & Instant or Ground Coffee the best?

    A new study has found drinking coffee makes you live longer, with a positive effect on the brain, liver, heart and other areas of your body.

    The study revealed in the Internal Medicine journal reveals that people who drink more coffee have a lower risk of death even if they drink 8 or more cups a day. 

  • Will climate change push up Coffee prices? Some farmers are already on the move

    Scientists in the Americas are saying there is a new threat to coffee and other produce, Climate Change.  In Central America where growing conditions have always been troublesome due to poverty, wasteful governments and lack of funding. Climate is a new threat which is destroying crops on a large scale
  • How to Save money when buying Coffee Pods

    So running a coffee machine can be expensive right? Well you can save a few quid if you look around for discounts, bulk buy or buy re-usable coffee pods
  • Nescafé Dolce Gusto launches new Infinissima pod machine

    The Infinissima is a quality new design by Dolce Gusto.  It’s an eye-catching manual pod machine, perfect for those who are trying to spend a bit less on the pricey coffee shops.
  • Nespresso will recycle its single use coffee pods to help the environment from the plastic crisis

    About 20% of the UK own a single-use coffee machine dispenser, but this new craze is is posing an environmental hazard. There are enough coffee po...
  • Kitchenista launches Wholesale Market

    We are pleased to announce we are opening up to the wholesale market for most of our range including spice racks and Coffee pod holders; wholesale ...
  • Coffee - the good the bad and the ugly

    If your body is your temple, then you should drink coffee, that's according the latest research coming out of the U.S.  However you shouldn't drin...